RHS Chatsworth Flowershow

We had a great week at the RHS Chatsworth flowershow 2018 with our virtual reality orchid pollinator experience.

We had lots of really nice feedback including “best experience of my life” and enjoyed by one of our most senior visitors aged 93.

"It's a great experience for us (and RHS) seeing such an amazing response."

The installation is now traveling to Hampton Court Flowershow then Tatton

I would like to thank RHS, Manchester Museum and all the helpers who did a great job; managing the queue whist education them about the uniqueness of orchid pollination, pressing buttons/pulling levers and encouraging visitors to move on! (was a shame to rush people but we managed over 1000 people per day all enjoying the experience) and most of all partners who have endured too many conversations on orchids!

Through the RHS I have worked with Simon Mabey for a couple of years. Not only is he a pleasure to work with but he also delivers exciting and engaging Virtual Reality content. He’s great at interpreting and researching the clients requirements and is constantly looking at how to push the boundaries of this exciting discipline further to enhance the customer experience.
— Liz Patterson, RHS Chatsworth Show Manager

For the first time, the magnificent Great Conservatory is filled with thousands of Phalaenopsis (moth orchids). Our VR orchid pollinator experience at 37 seconds.

RHS Orchid Show (London)

As a preview to the forthcoming digital installations (RHS Chatsworth 6-11 June and RHS Tatton 18-22nd July)  we provided a taster of what’s to come.

The VR Experience provides an insight into the specialism of Orchids and their special relationship with insects. I’ve called the installation ‘I am not a daisy’ - whilst a daisy is happy to be pollinated by anything! Orchids are much fussier using a number of different strategies for specific insects. Reward, deception and even entrapment!

Using 360 stereo animation we will provide a virtual reality orchid experience!

show 02.jpg
 London preview

London preview

LGA Annual Conference 2017

'Building an open digital asset for urban design, planning and stakeholder engagement'

Simon Mabey and Ian Dunsford from Watford Borough council presented at the Innovation Zone as part of the Local Government Association Annual conference 2017. Shortlisted from over 100 entries Digitalurban.place were selected to present how local authorities can be a catalyst in establishing an open digital 3D model. Simon explained the approaches and the lessons learnt, whilst Ian provided some the first hand experiences they have had using a digital urban model as part of their planning application process.

The presentation was well received with one delegate commenting it was 'it was his favourite session he had attended at the conference!'

RIBA North

Liverpool City model goes on show! 

Simon presented to Liverpool City Council in 2008 about the benefits and application of digital models  and nearly 10 years on the Liverpool digital model has had its most prestigious use to date, being installed in RIBA North new Liverpool gallery with an interactive display. The digital model was  extended as part of this commission to include Wirral with new aerial data capture and the processing of it's waterfront and Birkenhead town centre.

RHS Chatsworth Flowershow

Simon approached us with an idea for a virtual reality experience at RHS Chatsworth Flower Show. We had limited resources at the time but Simon managed to work within our budget to produce an installation that exceeded all expectations. The installation proved extremely popular with visitors and allowed us to tell a story using new technology that our visitors may not be able to experience elsewhere
— Jenny Jenner, Show Manager RHS

Our first digital histories installation went live at the RHS Chatsworth flowershow on the 6th June 2017. With a Virtual reconstruction of Joseph Paxtons Great Glass Conserventory. The Glass Conserventory was Paxton first major building projects built in 1840 and demolished in 1920. Housed a large inflatable structure visitors to the flowershow could get an experience of this lost building viewing it from various viewpoints. One of our first to have a look was Mary Berry and Alan Titchmarch. Both thought it was great.

It was a busy week with mixed weather, we had over 5,000 people spanning many generations all taking a look. Including Jane aged 85 who thought "it was lovely"

We relied on a number of volunteers (Son, daughters, neighbours, partner, the Chatsworth team and friends) to help man the busy installation, all did a great job. Thank you.