The Manchester Digital Model, established by Simon Mabey in 1996.

Local Authorities (LA’s) have an ongoing need to attract businesses, encourage development and engage with the public, civic societies and committee members as part of both planning and the process in sustaining their own town or city.

Our Approach

Is to establish open accessible urban 3D data which can support a wide range of applications, facilitating a more collaborative urban design process and providing software which helps you to engage with stakeholders


The Digital Urban model Simon created is helping us to achieve the ambitions for our town.
— Ian Dunsford, Watford Borough Council

Our applications include

  • Realtime interactive software enabling user to walk or fly around the 3D urban models without the need for any specialist software or training
  • Touch screen / interactive information displays to support marketing and promotional activities.

Simulations integrating data from:

  • Traffic data, including microsimulation models
  • Dynamic hydrograph data from flood models
  • Spatial referenced mapping data including noise maps
  • Emissions data
  • Lighting studies, both calibrated simulations or luminescence false colour maps
  • Web based 2D and 3D integrated with GIS systems
  • Consultation and feedback applications
  • Information Management systems utilising both 2d and 3D environments as an interface
The many application of the Manchester City Model.

The many application of the Manchester City Model.